From now on sustainability means that we will be measured against the long-term impact of our activities.

The UN SDGs, the data-driven EU taxonomy and the value shift of consumers toward sustainability create more complexity. We support you to master the complex future through the effective development of people, teams and organizations.

Purpose Development

The "why" is key for us in purpose development. Why do we exist as an organization and what is our contribution to shaping a sustainable future for the various stakeholders affected by our activities? To develop your Purpose, we use a bottom up design process involving groups of diverse perspectives. We repeatedly experience how important it is to have the buy-in of as many stakeholders as possible in the purpose development process, so that enough orientation and identification for the common future in the organization is created. This "North Star" also creates motivation for people in organizations for whom quarterly results or margins alone do not provide an attractive motive for their work.

Value Development

In many companies, sustainability goes hand in hand with a value shift, which we support in a structured value development process. For us, this is one of the most beautiful moments in our work: people getting in touch with each other through sharing their personal values, starting to talk openly about what is important to them and what contribution they want to make to shaping the future in the organization. Equally important to us is bringing shared values to life in organizations and teams. This requires an intensive and joint discussion about how we live values and what concrete behavior is linked to these values.

Maturity Development

We work with the vertical development models from ego development theory and have a I-E-Profile certification by Susanne Cook-Greuter and Dr. Thomas Binder. With the NGO movement of Inner Development Goals (IDGs), a deep understanding of the relationship between leadership maturity development and organizational sustainability has emerged. With regard to stricter rules through regulatory policy (taxonomy, EU Green Deal, US Inflation Reduction Act) and voluntary self-regulation by companies (e.g. through the Science Based Target Initiative, SBTI), we see maturity development in companies as a strategic must.

Win-win-win: Stakeholder Approach

To achieve your purpose, it is essential to value and care for everyone who touches your business. This includes your employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, community, environment, and sometimes even your competition. We support you to analyze the totality of stakeholders in a structured process and to fully understand the long-term consequences of our actions for each stakeholder. The goal is to create win-win-win situations where all stakeholders benefit from your actions.

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