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Who are we?

We are an international transformation consultancy. As experts for people & culture we support companies, institutions and non-profit organizations amidst cultural change.

This is how we support you.

Based on your target culture, we implement the appropriate measures to develop people, teams and organizations.

This is our goal.

We want to create a healthy working environment that empowers people to shape the future towards a more socially just and sustainable way.

In a world of constant change, the success of organizations depends on how well they focus on people.

Your company wants to accelerate transformation and needs answers to current challenges, especially against the backdrop of digitalization and sustainable strategies at all levels?

The foundation for this is a dynamic and fast-learning culture in which employees develop the know-how and safety for continuous change.

In our time, organizational culture has long since become a decisive competitive edge.

It is no coincidence that the market has been growing for years around topics such as Agility and New Work. Leaders play the decisive role in successful cultural change: They must combine appreciation with clarity, support the change with effective communication, find an appropriate way to deal with errors and innovation. In short: Always put people at the center.

Our trending topics

These topics are currently top of mind for people, teams and organizations. Your thoughts?

People Culture

How you can involve people to adapt and change in a healthy work environment.

Data Culture

How you can grow a culture of data integration at all levels.


How to align your actions with the long-term interests of all stakeholders.


How you can use diverse perspectives for successful transformation.

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