by Andreas Seitz

Four Forces of Development when working together on site

Remote Work is a great transformational achievement. But what’s the downside of not spending time on site together? We want to share 4 forces that we assume get weaker the more remotely we work.


1. The „Ah, this is how things are done around here“ is a strong culture forging force. And it is a mainly subconscious learning process in organizations. We learn the culture by having the culture around us for a while. From my perspective virtual meetings do not have the same impact. One could think: „We had hard times to change our culture anyway. Remote Work helps us breaking the patterns.“ True. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the new desired culture emerges from remote work randomly.

2. On a skill level imitation is a strong learning principle. We observe others, have role models, perceive ways to act. „It‘s always good for me to hear how you say things through the phone“, one workshop participant recently said. How much can we keep of that effect in the remote world?

3. The informal relationship building force. Feeling connected thus being part of a team or an organization is a key motivator. I sometimes experience with teams that virtuality makes it harder especially for new hires to get in and to really connect.

4. Last point: Being physically in touch is the biological principal of our creation. I have no idea yet what that means for the work place, but I am asking myself: What is the effect of not being anymore in that melting pot of encounters, informal talks, fun, conflict, laughter, pulling things off together under pressure, enjoy creative processes, celebrate successes etc.?

Always interested to get your views on our way to find out how to bring the best from both worlds together.


Ah, this is how things are done around here

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