People Culture

An attractive work environment attracts people. And they stay.

That's why People Culture is a real concern for us when it comes to finding a healthy balance between motivation, joy and performance in times of rapid change. Leadership plays a central role in the development of such cultures - which is why leadership programs form a core of our services.

New Work Transformation

Since COVID, the design of the future world of work has been one of the most prominent topics in companies. Studies show that 4 out of 5 employees would like to see hybrid forms of work in the long term. But New Work is much more: To keep up with the rapid changes of the environments (markets, technology, shifting values, etc.), you need a strategic New Work development approach. We will work with you on the necessities of New Work transformation - in ten fields ranging from the leadership culture of tomorrow to the creation of a healthy learning culture and the Ways of Working/Agile forms of collaboration.

Cultural Change

Culture has become a strategic pillar that determines future competitiveness and resilience. We follow the rule "Start small, don't wait", because in culture transformation it is important for us to first determine with you the status quo of the culture and from there define initial development actions that will evolve the culture, reduce loss of momentum in the organization and create an attractive working environment made by people for people. At the tool level, we use online-based survey methods such as the Barrett Value Center (BVC) or the Culture Canvas, which enables the involvement of many in the development process.

Leadership Development

Leadership and culture are two sides of the same coin. Culture stands and falls with the behavior of leaders. That is why we have developed the Leadership goes Culture program for you. We identify "moments of truth" as culture-shaping situations in which leaders must be aware of the impact of their behavior in order to act as a role model for the culture of tomorrow. We therefore measure the success of our leadership development by whether the culture in your organization changes as a result of the newly learned leadership behavior. In addition we support this development as coaches and executive coaches.

Team Building / Team Development

Our approach to team development is based on the findings of Google's Aristotle Project. As a foundation, we focus on the level of psychological safety in teams, which can be easily determined and subsequently increased through structured interviews. In a safe environment, it is then much easier to discuss and define rules, roles and common team goals. Since 'my team' is a place of belonging for employees in companies, we also see working at the team level as a must in organizational development to create an attractive, healthy and high-performing work environment. With 'Energize your Team' we have created a compact team development format through which personal bonds in the team are strengthened.

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