Data Culture

There's no doubt: data is a key driver of a changing work environment.

Whether it's AI, robotics or advanced analytics: in order to be prepared for the opportunities and risks of this change, we will support you to develop a strong Learning Culture. A Data Culture that leads to relief instead of overload. We therefore developed our own Data Culture Maturity Model and a data culture canvas.

Data Culture Canvas

We've learned from cultural change: there needs to be an easy-to-use, playful tool that engages larger groups in data culture development. With the Data Culture Canvas, we've created a twin of the common Culture Canvas that brings your data culture forward and empowers teams to deal productively with the complexity of data. It creates relief for the people in your organization, while competence in dealing with data grows step by step. We apply the Data Culture Canvas in half-day face-to-face or remote workshops, define the next steps with the participants and document the results.

Data Culture Maturity Model

Data is not only the future, but already an important asset of the present. If you don't start realizing the value potential of data, others will - because they are already doing it. Getting started here seems to be a challenge because the most modern technology and the most up-to-date strategy do not reach the core of the organization: people. And this is where our Data Culture Maturity Model comes in. We have experience in getting access to people in the organization on an emotional level, to develop leaders as role models and to design your transformation to a data culture. Even with small measures at the start, because the most important rule for us is: "Start small, don't wait". The goal is to continuously develop your data culture maturity so that you can use data strategically and sustainably.

People of Data Culture (Data Agents)

Your data strategy needs role models from different functions of the organization and pass on their enthusiasm for data to their colleagues. People of Data Culture have a crucial role in the data culture. Through their positive attitude and change competence, they are able to support others to develop the mindset required for the data world. We help you to find the right People of Data Culture and prepare them for their role. This includes focus areas such as:

  • Building a People of Data Culture community
  • Clarifying the role and responsibility of the People of Data Culture
  • Change competence training (designing and managing change)
  • Methods from motivation research and neuropsychology: how to encourage and support people to use data
  • Design of a roadmap for dealing with resistance
  • Analysis of practical data use cases

Psychological Safety as the foundation of a Data Culture

Dealing with data triggers emotions: Fear, panic and uncertainty - that's what we sometimes experience in companies. This inhibits the development of your data culture and therefore requires your full attention. The solution is a high level of Psychological Safety, through which people talk openly about their feelings, learn from mistakes and ask for help when they get stuck. Building Psychological Safety in your organization is fundamental to getting into continuous learning and increasing the innovation power around data. Because it takes the perspectives of all the people involved in your data culture.

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