What we do is co-created with our costumers. Together with you we want to develop a deep understanding of what your company really needs. It is just important for us to be innovative, our work is based on the latest scientific findings. The high satisfaction of our customers from many countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas prove our approach.

Start your transformation

Culture has become a decisive competitive factor and a driver of transformation. It is just as important for the implementation of sustainability strategies as it is for your innovation power or for the development of a sustainable data culture. How people feel at your company and whether they enjoy working for you depends on the culture.

We support you with a wide range of effective measures

That's why we cover all the measures that impact the culture in your company, for example through culture and leadership development, change support, the development of psychological safety or pure skill training, in order to be prepared for the challenges of rapid change.

Culture Analysis & Culture Development

We use effective methods such as the (Data) Culture Canvas, in which multiple people actively participate and reshape culture.

Leadership Programs

With 'Leadership goes Culture' we have developed a leadership program that has strong impact on your future culture.

Executive Consulting

We are your management-level sparring partner when you want to align transformation with your strategy and seek answers to the "how?" of transformation.


For us as trained coaches, coaching is a must for the people in your organization to set decisive impulses in maturity development.

Assessment Center

With our innovative approach 'Assessment goes Culture' we turn your recruiting into a culture-shaping event.

Change Management Consulting

Transformation brings various changes - we show you how to successfully manage these changes.

Coaching of Management Teams

So that your management team is perceived as a team that acts together instead of against each other - and becomes a role model for others.

Team Development

Our approach 'Energize your Team' ensures a significantly stronger bond and positive energy.


As experienced, multilingual facilitators, we hold the space in which people are willing to share their perspective.

Large Group Workshops

From the Marketplace to the World Café: we work with all methods that make diversity of perspectives within large groups visible.

Speaking & Key Notes

We inspire you with entertaining and practical impulses in which we share our experiences from the transformation of other companies.

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