Coaching: Providing Decisive Impulses

With coaching it’s all about you and your objectives. Whether in business or in private life, we want to support you in developing and realizing your full potential.

From complex corporate leadership issues over questions regarding professional reorientation to what gives our life more meaning and substance – we always work with a proven mix of methods, a positive attitude and our experience drawn from decades of working with clients. It has been proven that coaching works: it relieves emotional stress, helps crystallize a clear goal-orientation, offers new strategies of coping and fosters personal development through self-awareness.* We know from neurobiology that coaching offers a path out of a tunnel perspective to a point where we can better reach decisions and can act in solidarity with ourselves and others. We come to this point through two things: new perspectives and a focus on our inner resources.

Coaching offers an exclusive space for the components of our personality that you want to develop. It often takes surprisingly little to bring about breakthroughs and start off a potentially long-term maturing process, e.g. from introverted, analytical decision-maker to empathetic, people-oriented leader, from introverted thinker to charismatic communicator, or from creative mind with innovative ideas to responsible manager with process expertise. In all this, what counts are the goals set by our coachees themselves. In its latest edition the Leadership Development Survey by Kienbaum Consultants lists face-to-face coaching sessions as the number 1 among all development tools for management. Personal development is listed as one of the 3 most important development topics for management.

Common topics in our coaching sessions:

- New leadership roles: what do I need?
- Leadership styles in modern organizations
- Self-organization and process expertise
- Dealing with complexity and complex decisions
- Structuring change in organizations
- Accessing hidden resources (intuition, empathy, creativity, emotion)
- Alleviation of emotional stress through clarification of inner and outer conflicts
- Communication for top management
- Professional reorientation
- Leader as coach: how do I develop my organization, my team?
- Recognizing and managing change
- Existential crises and personal transformation

We work on the premises of our clients and also have our own coaching facilities. Through our international partner network, we can offer coaching in various languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. Our Chinese-speaking colleague Maya Hu Chan is an experienced coach for executives and teams in China. Julie Forbes has been working for decades as a coach and transformation expert in North America. In addition, we offer our coaching as process support for groups and management teams.

Feedback by a Managing director with 1,500 employees (media industry): “I have a lot to thank you for. Every day I draw on what you have given me.”

* Tim Theeboom, Does Coaching Work? – A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Coaching on Individual Level, Outcomes in an Organizational Context. (University of Amsterdam, 2013)