Coaching Management Team

Outcome: Conceptualization and facilitation of a workshop for the management of a specific high tech product. The workshop was aimed at the improvement of the product value chain, alignment of the team processess with the requirements of the market, and team building between product development, production, and sales.

Sector: Technology

Team development within a new organizational development process after IT-Outsourcing (2,500 employees).

Outcome: Development of newly formed teams constructed from three original organizational cultures. Alignment of the new emerging culture and development of the visions, strategies, and objectives of the teams and the new organization’s owners.

Sector: IT Services

Community Development of brand teams.

Concept for and facilitation of a large group (180 participants), to support the development of brand ambassador teams for an international brand campaign.

Outcome: Recruitment and development of brand teams along the criteria of teamwork, social skills, and resilience. Additional development of self-organizing skills and conflict resolution for the selected brand teams.

Sector: Fast Moving Consumer Goods