Conceptualization and facilitation of HR development and leadership trainings.

Leading by objectives and feedback within a German worldwide trade company.

Outcome: Lead of the trainer team that developed the training concept focused at building a learning organization with a higher target orientation. Enhancement of the communication between leadership and teams.

Sector: Metal

Conceptualization and facilitation of initial european-wide corporate management workshop with ‚Vision, Mission, Values’ in an organizational development process.

Outcome: Development of a common mission statement, with alignment between the corporate headquarters and the regional organizations in Europe.

Sector: European Trade

Lead of international training team for international organizational development process in Germany and China.

Project duration 2 years, 270 participants from different management levels in all regions.

Outcome: Improvement of the innovation and problem solving processes across functions and cultures. Built systemic thinking skills for leadership, introduction of case work and organizational tools. Additional individual coaching for the participants. Multiplyer training for the internal continuation of the organizational development process.

Sector: Chemicals