To give teams and departments a clear orientation and enhance their capability of self-organisation

is one of the most effective measures in the organisational context and has influence on both the management culture and the entire organisation. A conscientious clarification of tasks and measures tailored to individual teams make teams into a living organism that uses its resources optimally.

We have in-depth experience with these themes:

• Team profile: the past, the status quo and the future.
• Vision, strategy, objectives, and action plan for teams
• Optimized use of team resources – what is in the team?
• Listening to all the voices in the room - getting the most out of diversity.

• Identifying and overcoming intercultural barrieres.
• Optimized team processes – concepts of self-organization.
• Conflict resolution skills for teams.
• Conflict resoultion skills for customer relationships
• Teambuilding: Concept and realization of kick-off events.
• On stage: Preparation of collective team presentations.